Governor Structure

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There are currently 17 active Co-opted, Parent, and Staff Governors – as well as Headteacher Dr Adams – sitting on the Kings’ School Governing Body. The Governing Body is responsible for overseeing the management side of the school specifically: strategy, policy, budgeting, and staffing. Our Governors enable our school to run as effectively as possible, working alongside our senior leadership team, and supporting teachers to provide exceptional, well-rounded, and individualised education to our children. 

The Governing Body meets regularly to keep abreast of the school’s policies and planning. Several committees run within the Governing Board Structure to ensure all areas of the Governors’ remit are covered including Finance, Curriculum, and Pupil Support. The Governors, several of whom are parents, bring a wealth of personal and professional experience to an eclectic mix that sustains the resilience, confidence and ongoing progress of the school and our pupils.