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Travelling to School

When selecting Kings’ as your child’s preferred secondary school, it is important to think about how your child will travel to and from school each day.  

Most families in Hampshire organise their own home to school journey. Those families might walk, cycle, use public transport, lift-share with other families, or take their child to school in their family car. 

See Hampshire County Council’s Travel to school page for ideas and information about your child’s journey to school. 

There are over 170,000 pupils attending school in Hampshire and over 90% organise their own transport. However, Hampshire County Council has a duty to support some families with their school journey. Families must meet specific criteria to be eligible for this support.  

cycling to school

On the understanding that pupils and parents agree to the points below, pupils are allowed to cycle to school with their parents’ consent: 

  • Pupils agree to cycle sensibly and safely at all times. 
  • Bicycles are left at school at the owner’s risk and the school will not be held responsible for any damage that occurs. 
  • Pupils must wear safety helmets at all times when cycling to and from school. 
  • Parents will ensure that pupils are aware of road safety procedures and that bicycles used are in a roadworthy state with lights fitted for use in conditions of poor visibility. 

School Transport

Hampshire County Council is responsible for providing assistance with transport to school for children living in the local authority administrative area. 

If you believe your child qualifies for help with Home to School Transport, please see the Hampshire County Council website for more information, and to apply.  

School Transport Code of Conduct

If your child uses School Transport (including public transport) both they and you (the parent/carer) are agreeing to the Home to School Code of Conduct which outlines expected standards of behaviour and safety on board School Transport.

Driving / Dropping Off

The routine designated dropping off area for pupils is the lay-by on Kings Road and using the mini-roundabout as a turning circle.  Parents/carers are not to drop off pupils beyond the school gates as this area can become very congested and parking spaces are at a premium. If your child has particular access needs then alternative arrangements can be made with the school